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creating communities of women who love and enjoy being in our bodies just as we are.

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Negative body image is linked to poor overall quality of life and contributes to poor self-care, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harming behaviors, substance abuse, weight cycling and relationship violence.

“Alive and Well helped me learn to listen to my body— especially the stress that was telling me I needed better self- care. I learned that loving and caring for myself is a way to connect to God’s love for me.” Read more

Sharon Song

Priorities for 2016

  • NEW STAFF POSITION While volunteer support is invaluable, our greatest immediate need is to employ administrative support to complement our executive director’s strengths and to build and run our administrative structure. This new position frees our executive director to pursue her gifts of organizational vision, teaching, curriculum development and networking.
  • OFFER CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS to at least 200 women through partnerships with local churches and organizations.
  • RECRUIT AND TRAIN FACILITATORS AND COACHES to lead workshops and provide follow up support to program participants.
  • PUBLISH THE ALIVE AND WELL WORKBOOK including content developed in collaboration with facilitators.

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