Transformed by Community

At these events, we do not need to bring anything except ourselves. When we walk out the door we know our worth. We know that our worth is not dependent on how many people we say hello to and or make an effort to be intentional with. This is a place where self-acceptance happen because we are given to place to come and be as we are.

Mindful Eating Dinner Workshop

“The dinner and community at the end was magnetic. The connections and engagement of all the women there was nothing short of magical! A sense of gratitude, appreciation & mindfulness of being in that moment was very powerful and will last within me for a long time to come.”

What is Alive and Well?

Being “alive and well” is different for each of us, because we are all unique. For all of us, it’s about finding increasing freedom and empowerment to trust ourselves. It’s about loving and enjoying being Beloved daughters of God who focus our energy on more important things than the number on the scale or keeping up with the Kardashians.

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