Our programs include mind-body practices to deepen women’s experiential connection to their bodies within the context of God’s love. Good health of body and mind depend on spiritual vitality. Our programs are tailored to the needs of each audience, from committed Christians to spiritual seekers. Current Alive and Well sponsored programs include:

Alive and Well – A Contemplative Path to Health and Well-being

The Alive and Well program is about self-discovery through inquiry—learning what your body needs by paying attention to your experience and asking questions.  You take responsibility for your health by exploring what combination of actions makes you feel Alive and Well.  We teach you to use information about nutrition, disease and fitness in alignment with the wisdom of your own body. Learn more.

Tending the Soul

Tending the Soul events help you connect more deeply to your Soul so your daily choices as well as major life decisions can arise from the depths of your Inner Being where Wisdom dwells. We gather as the seasons turn, at spring and fall equinox and summer and winter solstice, to provide women a time and space to reflect and listen to our lives. Topics and activities vary, but the focus is always on helping your listen to yourself and claim your inner authority about how to live well amidst the changing seasons of life. 

grateful women program

Groups & Organizations

We also work with hosting organizations to create programs to meet the needs of your group or organization. Potential program formats include: one-two hour mini-workshops, half or full-day or weekend retreats and workshops. Potential topics include:

Self-Care through Mindful Awareness
Research shows that mindfulness produces beneficial effects in both mental and physical health as well in a number of specific self-care behaviors including eating, sleeping and substance use. Additionally, cultivation of greater attention, awareness and acceptance through mindfulness is associated with lower levels of anxiety, depression, worry, anger and rumination. Includes a variety of guided mindfulness practices, along with teaching, group interaction, and personal reflection.
Self-Care through Self-Compassion
While we may know that self-care is important, often internal and external expectations undermine our efforts to extend to ourselves the same level of care and compassion we extend to others. Self-compassion, characterized by kindness, a sense of shared humanity and mindfulness, is positively associated with psychological health. Additionally, self-compassion can enhance successful regulation of behaviors related to physical health, including nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation and medication compliance. Workshop includes a self-compassion assessment along with a variety of guided practices, group discussion and personal reflection on how increased self-compassion can support better self-care.
Mindful Eating
Mindful eating is simply eating with attention. But in our fast-food, eat-on-the-run world, just paying attention to what you are eating and how you are eating can be challenging. For overall wellness, nourishment and digestive health, how we eat can be as important as what we eat! Join us for an evening of slowing down, savoring each bite, honoring our bodies and celebrating the abundance we’ve been given.
Perfectly Imperfect: making peace with perfectionism
As women with jobs, families, friends, community commitments and other responsibilities, many of us end up feeling burned out from keeping up with the pace of life and in need of a time and space to just stop all the busyness and breathe. We create a safe place for women to begin to let go of perfectionistic tendencies and find more life-giving ways of living life to the fullest without beating ourselves up when we fall short of our own expectations.
The Soul and Sexuality: from shame to grace
Too many of us live in varying degrees of shame and disconnection from our bodies. We may believe that our bodies and sexuality are “good gifts” to be appreciated and enjoyed, but years of social conditioning and objectification leave us living far from that perspective.  We create a safe place to help women begin the journey of moving from shame, fear and guilt toward a more loving, kind and gracious way of relating to our sexuality.  We use a variety of teaching modalities and activities to explore what sexuality means and help each other embrace the grace that leads us from disembodiment and shame to loving and enjoying the goodness of our bodies.

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