The Alive and Well Women Immersion Program

The Alive and Well program is about self-discovery through inquiry—learning what your body needs by paying attention to your experience and asking questions. You take responsibility for your health by exploring what combination of actions makes you feel Alive and Well.  We teach you to use information about nutrition, disease and fitness in alignment with the wisdom of your own body.  Ultimately, we encourage you to become your own health expert and regard doctors, nutritionists and other professionals as specialists who support your maintenance of optimal health.

The Contemplative Path to Health and Well-being offers in-depth teaching and application of our five main principles for being Alive and Well:

  • Alignment with our bodies as we deepen our connection to God’s love.
  • Attitude of openness, curiosity and respect for our bodies.
  • Awareness of sensations in our bodies and thoughts and feelings about our bodies.
  • Assessment/discernment of the real needs of our bodies, minds, hearts and souls.
  • Action that supports a lifestyle of loving ourselves and loving others as we abide in God’s love.

Our curriculum draws from the fields of health sciences, mind-body medicine, interpersonal neurobiology, and media literacy and incorporates self-compassion, forgiveness, mindfulness, and other mind-body skills to help you listen to and trust yourself.

Our foundational principle is that God’s love is the essential ingredient for good health. A solid spiritual center in God’s love supports being “Alive and Well” through all the expected challenges of moving through the lifecycle.  We focus on helping you deepen your experiential connection to your body within the context of God’s love.

Program includes: Large group experiential teaching and guided practices followed by time for personal reflection and facilitated small group conversations.


Why join us?

Our program equips you with the Alive and Well philosophy, principles and life skills so you can love and enjoy living in your body, make life-giving choices and graciously adjust as needed amidst the many changes that are part of the female life cycle. We empower you to be a role model and advocate of positive female embodiment in your spheres of influence. We help you transform your relationship with your body so you can pass it on to others!

As you work with your body, you will discover your unique blueprint for being Alive and Well—natural rhythms of eating and drinking, working and recreating, engagement and withdrawal that vary from one day to the next, one season to another.  As you discover a new way of being in your body, you will awaken to the good that can still spring forth in and through your body, just as you are!

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