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A Contemplative Path to Health and Well-being

Mindful Eating Meetup

Monday, August 28, 6:30 p.m. – Pasadena, CA

Our meetups provide community for those who want to practice mindful eating in an informal setting. You will order and pay for your dinner off the menu, we’ll provide an introduction to mindful eating principles and facilitate a light guidance of those principles. The group consists of up to 10 community members and the restaurant will vary depending on group preferences. Bring a friend or come on your own. It’s a great way to start the week with self-care, meet new friends and support our local restaurants.

A Contemplative Path to Health and Well-being

Harvest Shared Meal & Storytelling

Friday, Sept. 22, 2017 – Pasadena, CA

Join us for an evening of community and celebration as we gather around the dinner table. Come listen, laugh and wonder at the goodness found when we, as women, own our own stories, when we give voice to the truth of our experience, and when we find inspiration and encouragement through the power of storytelling.

A Contemplative Path to Health and Well-being

Release: Winter Solstice Yoga Workshop

Wed., Dec. 20, 2017 – Glendale, CA

Winter is a season for rest in the natural world. Shorter days, longer nights and cooler weather invite us to slow down and to journey inward. Take time out from the holiday hustle to reconnect to your body and your soul. Join us for a time of gentle yoga as we join body and breath through moving meditation and reflect on the seasonal invitations that winter offers.

A Contemplative Path to Health and Well-being

A Contemplative Path to Health and Well-being

January, 2018 – Pasadena, CA

Join us for an introduction to what it looks like to choose a contemplative path toward health and well-being. Our hope is that your participation will set you on solid ground for deepening and expanding on the principles, practices and insights gleaned. If you discover that it is a good fit for you, more will be available!

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Savor: Mindful Eating Dinner Workshop

Our thoughts and actions surrounding the nourishment of our bodies is often reflected in how we nourish the rest of the self. If we rush through every meal and feel guilty after eating foods that aren’t “clean” or otherwise virtuous, chances are that our lives are sprinkled with unwarranted shame in areas that we may not even be aware of.

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A Contemplative Path To Health and Well-Being: Immersion Program Reflection

Little did I know that this act of embodiment is fundamentally both empowering and an act of self love. During the retreat we were invited to practice embodiment by slowly becoming aware of our bodies through practices like meditation, dance, and self-reflection. Though it may sound like a simple task I have come to learn that it is an act of courage.

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Awaken: Self-Care Retreat Reflection

The day was spent meditating, eating nourishing food, conversing, practicing yoga, crying, conversing some more, doing facials and self-massages and laughing. I could spend more time describing the facts of what we did, but I don’t think that would do justice to the space we created. The rest was external so it could be internal, the self-care was outward so it could be inward. There is something about doing this communally which binds you together and reminds you that you’re not alone. To hear the words of inner wisdom from women who have seen and done more than I, confirmed that we are all humans, who share the need for Love, who seek for peace and vitality for our lives.

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A Taste of Alive and Well

Alive and Well Women’s Open House and Introductory Workshop was a total success! On Saturday, February 11 women from all walks of life gathered together for a taste of the loving, empowering, and compassionate sisterhood that Alive and Well Women aims to foster. We met at John Aaroe Group in Pasadena and enjoyed a delicious brunch provided by True Food Kitchen Pasadena.

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