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We are currently on pause with all of our public programs.
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We are revolutionizing the way women relate to ourselves and each other about health, beauty and sexuality, and empowering women to be role models and advocates for positive female identity development in our families, communities and workplaces.

“Alive and Well helped me learn to listen to my body— especially the stress that was telling me I needed better self- care. I learned that loving and caring for myself is a way to connect to God’s love for me.” Read more

Sharon Song

Quotes from Participants

  • “Alive and Well awakened me to my body and soul. It challenged the rigid thinking I was raised with. It put words to what I’d felt but didn’t know how to express. I was empowered to make my own choices and extend grace to myself.”
    – Lisa Pileggi Almonte, South Pasadena
  • “The Alive and Well principles of self-acceptance and compassion are a refreshing alternative to cultural messages about our bodies that activate shame and comparison.”
    – Lauren Furutani, Los Angeles
  • “At Alive and Well events, we do not need to bring anything except ourselves. These are spaces where self-acceptance happens because we’re given a place to come and be as we are.”
    – Eliza Nielsen, Glendora

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